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Do You Enjoy HIIT Workouts?


If it’s the kind of exercise you enjoy, then a bit of HIIT can certainly form a part of your overall exercise plan.


If you’re doing HIIT several times a week and it’s the main part – or the entirety – of your workout plan, then it might be worth considering making a change.

I would argue that repeatedly doing HIIT sessions is likely not optimal for your body, especially over the longer term.

Often, doing HIIT regularly leads to injuries. This might be caused by simply doing too many repetitive, explosive movements too often; or perhaps a […]

Static Stretching Before Your Workouts


Do you do static stretches before a workout?

We’ve all warmed up for an exercise session by putting a muscle into a longer position and holding still.

This is a static stretch – you’re stretching and not moving.

But did you know that this kind of stretching actually increases your risk of injury?

This is because static stretching is great for switching muscles off… And it’s not a great idea to relax a muscle you’re about to use or rely on during a workout!

Instead, mobility drills are way more effective as a warm up.

A decent […]

Do You Get Up In The Night To Eat?


Do you get up during the night to eat?

Apparently, for those who do, the average overnight caloric intake is 700 calories.

That’s a lot of calories, especially if you’re looking to lose weight. You could easily be eating back your calorie deficit overnight, or even pushing the balance into weight gain.

But, if you do get up in the night to eat, I suspect you might already know that!

So, the question becomes: why do you get up in the night to eat?

Well, while the answer to this will vary person to person, I have some […]

Do You Struggle To Sleep All Night?


I spoke to someone the other day who was trying EVERYTHING to improve their sleep quality – supplements, diet changes and routine changes as well as a variety of things that were a little more “out there” like blue light blocking glasses and so on.

Yet, nothing really seemed to help. Every night, she’d pass out through exhaustion then wake up a few hours later and be restless for the rest of the night.

We zoomed out of the sleep issue and chatted about the bigger picture. We discussed her exercise routine and lifestyle and a likely issue came into […]

Have You Tried Everything to Improve Your Chronic Pain?


If you’re struggling with a long term injury or pain, you’ve likely tried a whole load of ‘stuff’ ranging from rest to therapists, as well as other things like diet changes, supplements – or good-old blaming your age!

But, have you ever tried being less specific and just working on improving mobility in your body as a whole?

This pretty simple thing can work absolute magic.

Of course, a decent hands on therapist can be awesome and super helpful – but if you’ve been seeing someone (or a variety of people) and doing all the corrective exercises for […]

Something You Might Not Have Thought Of


Do you drink while you’re eating in order to wash your food down?

Perhaps it’s worth reconsidering this.

If you can eat your meals without drinking, you’ll find it slows your eating down.

Its great to eat more slowly for various reasons.

Thinking about weight loss, one great reason is that it takes a while for your body to let you know that you’ve eaten enough. So, if you’ve eaten slowly, you’re less likely to have over eaten before you get the signal.

Next, eating more slowly means better digestion. Your digestion works best […]

Do You Ever Keep A Food Diary?


Do you ever keep a food diary?

I think there are plenty of reasons to consider keeping one, even if just for a week.

Food diaries are generally used to keep track of what you’re eating. Either for fact finding, or to help maintain discipline when you’re trying to reach a certain goal. And this is useful – but, I think they have uses beyond this.

Whatever your goal, most of the route involves adjusting your habits and making sure the way you eat most of the time is in line with the goal you’re trying to achieve […]

Tasty Food For Weight Loss


If you want to lose weight, you are allowed to eat tasty food!

I LOVE good food. I enjoy choosing, shopping for and preparing a nice meal.

As I’ve said before, a meal that looks good and tastes good is more satisfying than a meal made up with the same calories and nutrients but which looks a mess and isn’t especially tasty.

Likewise, herbs and spices add calorie free flavour – and a surprising amount of extra nutrition too.

Remember that any real food is healthy food.

You don’t need to survive on plain chicken and broccoli if […]

Are You Being Too Strict With Your Diet?


When we’re looking to change our bodies, it’s natural to want to see changes quickly.

It’s also totally logical, and probably also true, that the more closely we can stick with our plans, the more quickly our results will come.

But while this is true – I don’t think, for most of us, it’s the right thing to do.

You know as well as I do that by outlawing certain things from your diet, you’re much more likely to want them! And, there’s only so far your willpower will get you. You’ll never […]

You Shouldn’t Feel Deprived If You’re Losing Weight


When you’re changing your diet to lose weight, deprivation is NOT something you should be feeling!

Changing your habits and routines can be hard work, and you’re likely to experience some cravings here and there too.

But on the whole, you should feel that your change of diet is making you feel better along the way to your goals, and not worse.

If you’ve recently made a change to the way you’re eating and you’re feeling hungry, deprived and miserable, here are some ideas to consider:

Could you have cut your intake too much […]

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