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Do You Struggle To Sleep All Night?


I spoke to someone the other day who was trying EVERYTHING to improve their sleep quality – supplements, diet changes and routine changes as well as a variety of things that were a little more “out there” like blue light blocking glasses and so on.

Yet, nothing really seemed to help. Every night, she’d pass out through exhaustion then wake up a few hours later and be restless for the rest of the night.

We zoomed out of the sleep issue and chatted about the bigger picture. We discussed her exercise routine and lifestyle and a likely issue came into […]

Have You Tried Everything to Improve Your Chronic Pain?


If you’re struggling with a long term injury or pain, you’ve likely tried a whole load of ‘stuff’ ranging from rest to therapists, as well as other things like diet changes, supplements – or good-old blaming your age!

But, have you ever tried being less specific and just working on improving mobility in your body as a whole?

This pretty simple thing can work absolute magic.

Of course, a decent hands on therapist can be awesome and super helpful – but if you’ve been seeing someone (or a variety of people) and doing all the corrective exercises for […]

Something You Might Not Have Thought Of


Do you drink while you’re eating in order to wash your food down?

Perhaps it’s worth reconsidering this.

If you can eat your meals without drinking, you’ll find it slows your eating down.

Its great to eat more slowly for various reasons.

Thinking about weight loss, one great reason is that it takes a while for your body to let you know that you’ve eaten enough. So, if you’ve eaten slowly, you’re less likely to have over eaten before you get the signal.

Next, eating more slowly means better digestion. Your digestion works best […]

Tasty Food For Weight Loss


If you want to lose weight, you are allowed to eat tasty food!

I LOVE good food. I enjoy choosing, shopping for and preparing a nice meal.

As I’ve said before, a meal that looks good and tastes good is more satisfying than a meal made up with the same calories and nutrients but which looks a mess and isn’t especially tasty.

Likewise, herbs and spices add calorie free flavour – and a surprising amount of extra nutrition too.

Remember that any real food is healthy food.

You don’t need to survive on plain chicken and broccoli if […]

Do You Wear A Fitness Tracker?


Most people I meet these days have some kind of wearable fitness tracker.

Their popularity has EXPLODED over the last few years.

Personally, I use an Oura ring, which I find pretty good. It’s more a sleep and recovery tracker which also tracks activity too.

The other day, I caught myself looking at the data from the previous nights sleep and thinking “oh, that’s nice”. I then proceeded to forget all about it and just move on with my day.

Which got me thinking about how many of us must do this.

Wearing these things is only useful […]

Tips For A Great Nights Sleep


Sleep is so important, yet, do you really know what makes a good nights sleep?

A great gauge is to think about whether you feel refreshed when you wake up in the morning.

You could also consider your energy levels throughout the day. Although sleep might not be the full story, if you’re feeling tired it could well be a sign that you’ve not slept enough, or that your sleep quality needs a bit of work.

If you’re restless, wake frequently in the night, or just feel like you don’t sleep well, these are more signs […]

Will Deep Squats Damage Your Knees?


I had an interesting conversation with a client this morning about squat depth and knee health, and I thought it might be of interest to some of you.

There’s a bit more information about this on the Facebook group – if you’d like to read more, please do join at

So, a deep squat is defined as going below parallel. Parallel is the point of a squat at which your hips are in line with your knees. Below parallel is the point at which your hips are below your knees.

Clearly, a lot of […]

Two Options For Weight Loss


When you’re looking to lose weight, really, you have two options:

Option A
Cut your intake drastically, increase your activity and hold on tight.
Option B
Make sustainable changes to your diet and exercise habits.

Now, no one is going to tell you that option A won’t work. It will work, and it’ll work quickly. You will see quick changes with this option BUT, what you’ll find is that you also reach a long lasting, hard plateau fairly quickly.

And, once you’ve reached this plateau, it will be hard to break through it without […]

Sore Knees?


Knees are funny little things.

You could argue that they’re not very well designed; they’re fairly complicated, plus they have to take a lot of weight despite the lack of support they have compared to, say, your hips.

And so, knees are easily and frequently injured.

So, how can we make our knees less likely to get injured?

By making sure the joints above and below are working in the way they’re designed… That’s your hips and your feet / ankles!

If your hips are tight and the muscles around them are weak, then every time you […]

Struggling To Lose Belly Fat?


Are you struggling to lose fat from your middle?

It’s the most common area for people to want to lose weight from, yet it is also the most stubborn area to see progress.

So, here are some ideas for where to focus your attention:

If your diet isn’t right, you’re going to struggle to get your belly fat to shift.

So, make sure you’re mostly eating whole, real foods with plenty of protein and veggies, and are keeping super processed food to a minimum. Make sure you’re doing this at least 80 […]

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