Pre & Post Natal

Pre & Post Natal Personal Training

Whether you’re trying to conceive, aiming to have an easier pregnancy, or if you want to get back into shape after having your baby, I can help you go about things the right way.

Mums-to-be work with me to remain strong and healthy during their pregnancy. I’ll show you how to eat in order to maintain, and perhaps improve, your health during pregnancy. And of course, we’ll make our plans around what you do, or don’t, feel like eating!

Those who exercise during their pregnancy earn a huge amount of benefits – one of the most interesting being that mums who do about 20 minutes of exercise three times a week during their pregnancy have less perceived pain during labour, as well as an easier, shorter labour. One study found women who had exercised during their pregnancy spent on average 27 minutes pushing, compared to 59 minutes for those who didn’t exercise!… So, with this all in mind, I’ll design you a completely personalised program which helps you achieve these benefits.

New mums who work with me after their pregnancy enjoy the feeling of doing something which is just for them, and baby is absolutely welcome to sit and watch (I don’t need asking twice to offer a cuddle).

You can expect to see your body gradually getting back to strength, your energy levels return, and the general reduction of aches and pains. As a mum and a coach, I really understand both movement and nutrition, and the strains placed on a new mums body from the new way of life as well as the birth, and so you can trust me to design your programs both appropriately and effectively.

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