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You Shouldn’t Feel Deprived If You’re Losing Weight


When you’re changing your diet to lose weight, deprivation is NOT something you should be feeling!

Changing your habits and routines can be hard work, and you’re likely to experience some cravings here and there too.

But on the whole, you should feel that your change of diet is making you feel better along the way to your goals, and not worse.

If you’ve recently made a change to the way you’re eating and you’re feeling hungry, deprived and miserable, here are some ideas to consider:

Could you have cut your intake too much […]

Eating Less But Not Losing Weight?


So often, I meet people who feel they have been putting in loads of effort for very little pay back from the scales for their effects!

There are lots of reasons this can happen, but let’s look at the most common ones.

Are you truly in a calorie deficit?
If you’re to lose weight, you need to be in a calorie deficit. You simply won’t lose weight unless you are.
Is it possible that you’re miscalculating your intake?

Are you over estimating how many calories you’re burning?
This follows on from […]

Two Things To Think About As You Plan Your Health & Fitness Goals


Happy New Year!

The start of the year is, of course, the most popular time for starting new health and fitness routines.

And 80% of these will fail. 75% of them within the first 3 months of the year.

Those are miserable statistics aren’t they!

With these in mind, I have just TWO pieces of advice for you if you’re trying to put any health and fitness related New Years resolutions into action:

Consistency is more important than quality.

Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good!

It is best to commit to only what you […]

The Magic of Diets


Whatever diet you can think of (or, perhaps, that you have tried) works in the same way – there’s not really anything magical about any diet.

They all work to create a calorie deficit.

The same is true whether you’re following a low carb or low fat plan, or if you’re trying intermittent fasting. Likewise, slimming clubs, meal replacement shakes and even the cabbage soup diet – they all work to create a calorie deficit. No magic. It’s the deficit which creates the weight loss.

You could eat only chocolate and still lose weight, as long as you […]

Should You Exercise If You’re Sore?


Should I exercise if I feel sore?

Yes. You probably should.

It’s starting to be shown in research that what many have known from experience for a long time is true. Exercising on top of a muscle ache will generally reduce the severity of the ache more quickly than resting. Getting your body moving and making things flow is helpful.

This said, there are different types of soreness.

If you’re sore due to an injury, then you should probably back off the injured area until the initial inflammation has gone down and you have a plan for fixing […]

Finding Time For Exercise


While some people seem to find it easy to fit exercise into their life, others find it very hard to find the time.

There are lots of ways to look at this, but for today, let’s look at the idea of exercise featuring on a scale.

Think of doing zero exercise as a 0, and doing regular intense workouts aiming towards some sort of competitive event as a 10.

You don’t have to go in at a 10!

Doing ANY kind of movement is positive – and you probably never NEED to reach a 10 on this scale.

Before […]

The Great News About Being New To Exercise!


I’ve added a bit of a “part two” to this won the Facebook group – if you’d like to read it, you can read it here. See the post from 26th September 2023.

Getting started with a structured exercise routine can be a different experience to, say, getting into the habit of going for a regular walk.

The routine is only one part; it often feels like there’s a lot to learn – associating the names of exercises with the how-to can feel like you’re learning a new language!

But the great news when you’re starting […]

Are Your Habits & Routines Helping You Reach Your Goals?


You can’t help but have habits and routines. Often, they happen naturally – I don’t think they can be avoided!

But the habits you have and the routines you put in place for yourself have the ability to make or break your health and fitness journey, and so, I think it is worth creating some well thought out routines too.

You see, your habits and routines can either distract you and create all kinds of mental battles, or they can help you achieve your goals.

Good routines are not restrictive, they actually provide freedom from the emotional turmoil of […]

Exercise Benefits in TWO Minutes?!


Would you like to join in with my pre-workout mobility session? Join the Facebook group to find out how.

A recent study shows that as little as TWO MINUTES of vigorous exercise a day can reduce the incidence of cancer.

Of course, it also showed that the more exercise completed, the greater the reduction.

We’ve seen similar studies before demonstrating huge benefits to different types of exercises done in small amounts but with high intensity.

There are all sorts of considerations to take into account when designing a workout program BUT if your aim is to improve your […]

Is Your Mindset Helping You?


I listened to an interesting conversation a few weeks ago which made me think.

When you begin working on your health and fitness, it’s helpful to go into it with the right mindset.

For me, whatever your goal, the right mindset is an open one with the overall aim of figuring out how to make the changes you’re making last, and fit into your life for the long term.

This means experimenting and learning – because you’ll never get everything right, right from the get go. And things will never be perfect 100% of the time either!

An […]

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