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Truly Personal Nutrition, Lifestyle & Exercise Advice – Online

Online Personal Training is an exceptionally effective way to truly focus on your nutrition and lifestyle.

It’s every bit as effective as conventional face-to-face Personal Training; I will help you identify where to focus your nutrition and lifestyle efforts in order to add up to the biggest changes, we’ll structure your workouts to burn fat, increase strength and improve mobility. I’ll be on hand to give you as much advice and support as you need on the way too.

We’ll work together to make a bespoke nutrition and lifestyle plan. We’ll spend time discussing strategies to help in whatever situation you’re finding difficult; these might be mindset strategies to help make life easier, or they might be ways to get results despite a busy social life with lots of meals out. Its not about eating perfectly all the time, its about finding the right balance between having fun and getting results, and this is different for everyone.

Workouts can be either equipment-free (perhaps we’ll use your kitchen broom for some exercises) or we can use whatever equipment you have. The programming is just the same as when we work together face-to-face; completely personalised to your body, your goals and how you want to do things in terms of time commitments.

Your exercise program will take you from where you are right now, and gradually progress your fitness and strength week-by-week. Even via video, I am able to keep a close eye on your techniques, and make sure you are safe while exercising.

Of course, it does feel a little weird to do exercise via video call, but it does work surprisingly well.

If you feel you really don’t want to have me on-screen while you are exercising, then I can video workouts for you to use without me being ‘live on screen’.

We’ll speak via FaceTime or Zoom, and we’ll email regularly too.The coaching aspect of Online Personal Training is way more effective than what 99% of other trainers would be able offer you even face-to-face; and it is this connection and ability to completely tailor your plan which supercharges the results you’ll get.

Get in touch for a FREE Trial of Personal Training so you can get an idea of how it will ‘feel’ to work together remotely.

“The actual programme was really easy to start on, I was pretty confident with the exercises and their description and was able to get stuck in.  Heather checked in with me about how it was going and we maintained regular contact throughout the duration of the programme – this was one of the most important aspects as it enabled us to tailor the programme as we went along.”



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