The Steer Principle

Your Experience Is About More Than Just Results

As a specialist in developing and tailoring your programme, I use my STEER principal to ensure all my clients get the outstanding results they desire, every single time. But STEER also ensures that your experience with is about more than just results – it’s an enjoyable experience too!

Steer Principle

STEER stands for:

Set… targets with you
Tailor… your unique program
Exercise… with mentoring and support
Energise… with nutrition and lifestyle advice
Results… are guaranteed


During your full consultation, we discuss your goals. This goal setting process helps me (and you!) to understand exactly what you want, and why you want it. This works really well to focus your mind and keep you on track during the journey.


Based on what we discuss during your consultation, I’ll design your program. Your program will be designed to get you the results you want, and will be designed with a focus on moving well too. When you move better, you feel better AND your body works much more efficiently – meaning you burn more calories to get the same jobs done.


One-to-one sessions are always a balance between hard work and good fun. Your session will push you, but it won’t be scary. It will be designed to challenge you a little more each time, but won’t ever putting you at risk of training too hard and increasing your risk of getting injured. I’m approachable – not some scary “super-human” type who doesn’t understand what it’s like at the start!

You’ll learn about why you’re doing what you’re doing during your sessions, I’ll teach you more about nutrition and lifestyle, and your session will go quicker than any other exercise session you’ve done before!


With tailored nutrition and lifestyle advice, your energy levels will rocket. If between us we decide its right for you – you might start with a 28 day program, after which we will discuss your bio-type and hormonal profile – leaving you with a nutrition plan just for you. I’ll make sure you have easy-to-implement lifestyle information which will supercharge the results you get.


By working together to optimise the way you move and the way you eat, the results you’ll see (and the speed you see them) will be a pleasant surprise!

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