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November 2017

How To Feel Perky All Winter

October 2017

What’s More Important – Nutrients or Calories?

October 2017

An Alternative to Motivation

August 2017

Do You Really Know How Important Sleep Is?

June 2017

Is Planning The Secret To Reaching Your Goals?

May 2017

Why It’s So Difficult To Maintain Weight Loss

March 2017

Homemade Healthy Chocolate Anyone?

February 2017

Eating The Right Amount Without Counting Calories!

February 2017

Ten Years… Doesn’t Time Fly!

October 2016

How Important Are Calories?

September 2016

Are Your Results Hampered by Doing Too Much?

June 2016

A Good Nights Sleep!

June 2016

Stretching – Is It Talked About Enough?

May 2016

What’s The Least Exercise You Can Get Away With?

May 2016

Some Positives About The Sun

March 2016

Your Gut – The Secret To Health

February 2016

A Delicious Soup For Lunch

November 2015

A New Workout To Try – Get Ready For Christmas!

October 2015 Recipe

Thoughts on Orthorexia & A Recipe For “Sun Dried” Tomatoes

Workout of The Month October 2015

A Fun New Workout To Try

September 2015 Recipe

A Tasty Pumpkin Recipe

Workout Thought of the Month September 2015

A Great Tool For Instant Health Information

August 2015 Recipe

A Delicious Fish Curry Recipe You Must Try

Workout Thought of the Month August 2015

Why More is Not Usually Better

July 2015 Recipe

A Delicious, Quick & Healthy Fishcake Recipe

July 2015 Workout

A New Workout For You To Try

June 2015 Recipe

Great On-The-Run Breakfast Recipe

June 2015 Workout

Some Thoughts On Exercise Selection & A New Workout To Try

May 2015 Recipe

A Healthy Sweet & Sour Pork Recipe

May 2015 Workout

A Super Workout For You

April 2015 Recipe

A Tasty Falafel Lunch Recipe For You

March 2015 Workout

Try This Ten Minute Workout To Keep Sugar Cravings At Bay

March 2015 Recipe

A Yummy Lunch Recipe For You

February 2015

When Is Organic Better & A Beetroot Soup Recipe

January 2015

The Best Diet Of Them All & A Chowder Recipe

December 2014

It’s Not Too Late To Get In Shape For Christmas & A Chimichurri Recipe

November 2014

All About Vitamin D & A Healthy Warming Stew Recipe

October 2014

The Secret’s In The Support & A Quick Soup Recipe

September 2014

Why Over Doing It Isn’t a Great Idea & A Fresh Spicy Prawn Recipe

August 2014

Why Carbohydrates Aren’t The Devil & A Recipe For A Summery Salad

July 2014

Why Do So Many People Have Diabetes & A Recipe For Beef Chilli

June 2014

My Thoughts About The New NHS Weight Loss Groups & A Recipe For Fennel Chicken

May 2014

Waiting Until You’re Fitter & A Yummy Soup Recipe

April 2014

Is Fruit a Health Food & A Tasty Recipe With Chicken and Radishes

March 2014

Why I Don’t Think Protein Is Going To Finish You Off – And A Recipe For a Halloumi Salad

February 2014

Do You Drink Digestion Drinks And A Yummy Omelette Recipe

January 2014

How To Avoid Paralysis By Analysis And A Recipe For Thai Beef Salad

December 2013

Why I’m Not Starting Again In January & A Beetroot Burger Recipe

November 2013

More Reasons to Do Resistance Training & A Warming Beef Stew Recipe

October 2013

Why You Don’t Have Enough Will Power & A Stuffed Pepper Recipe

September 2013

My Thoughts About The Men Who Made Us Thin, And A Jambalaya Recipe

August 2013

Why Its Not About The Weight, And A BBQ Chicken Recipe

July 2013

The Hunger Gene & A Yummy Curry Recipe

June 2013

What Is It With The Sun & A Recipe For Coconut Chicken Biryani

May 2013

How To Eat Out Without Falling Off Track, And A Recipe For An Omelette Salad Sandwich?

April 2013

How to Get Past Your Success Blocks, And a Recipe for FragrantChicken Hot Pot

March 2013

Why I’m Not Superhuman, And A Cassoulet Recipe

February 2013

A Salmon Fishcake Recipe & Some Thoughts About Our Soil Losing Nutrients

Here’s Your Five Day Food & Workout Plan

January 2013

Chocolate Amnesty, And A Recipe For Sweet & Sour Veggies

December 2012

Stick By The Rules Even If They’re The Wrong Rules – And A Recipe For A Thai Fish Parcel

November 2012

How To Stick With It Forever, And A Yummy Recipe With Lentils – Honest!

October 2012

How to Survive Autumn and a Recipe with Salmon

September 2012

How To Lose Fat While You Sleep, And A Tasty Chicken Recipe

August 2012

Hold The Tension And A Recipe For Tasty Healthy Ice Lollies‏

July 2012

The Men Who Made Us Fat, And How To Make A Real Salad!

June 2012

Why Planning is Crucial, and a Recipe for Barbequed Sardines

May 2012

What Women Can Learn From Men About Fat Loss and a Recipe for a Vietnamese Stirfry

April 2012

My Thoughts About The HCG Diet and a Recipe for Spinach Baked Eggs

March 2012

Why to Juice, What I Think About Red Meat, and a Recipe for Cauliflower Salad

February 2012

The Secret to Slim Legs, and How to Make Sprouts Tasty!

January 2012

How to banish the Christmas Belly, and a recipe for Roasted Parsnip Salad

December 2011

How to Survive Christmas Food and Drinks – and a Recipe for Fennel & Celeriac Soup

November 2011

How To Get Results Before Christmas and a Pumpkin Soup Recipe

October 2011

The Perfect Excuse to Go Outside – And a BBQ Recipe to Go With Burgers!

September 2011

How to Blast Stomach Fat – and a Delicious BBQ Recipe

August 2011

Why Can’t We All Agree? And a Recipe for Thai Green Chicken Curry

July 2011

Clean Ice Cream Lollies Recipe, and a few notes about Alcohol!

June 2011

A Summery Casserole Recipe, and Do You Have False Fat?

May 2011

How to Lose the Love Handles, and a Recipe for Slow Cooked Lamb with Rhubarb

April 2011

What Caffeine Really Does & A Recipe for Thai Mackerel

March 2011

Tips and tricks for a good nights sleep, and a recipe for kale pesto

February 2011

Why the “Whole Person” approach is so important, and a recipe for a banana omelette!

January 2011

Make Sure Your Resolutions Hang Around After January, and a Recipe for Kale & Bean Stew

December 2010

Why you shouldn’t wait until January to get fitter and healthier; and a recipe for roasted beetroot and goats cheese salad

November 2010

Why to cook in coconut oil, and a recipe for stuffed pumpkin

October 2010

Why you should choose butter over all the alternatives, and a lovely recipe for spicy greens with chickpeas

September 2010

Why I take issue with biceps curls, and a guilt-free recipe for apple and blackberry crumble

August 2010

How stress might hamper your fat loss attempts, and a recipe for tomato, courgette and crab pasta (it’s very tasty!)

July 2010

How to get a great workout without any kit, and a recipe for carrot and coriander fritters

May 2010

How to do a workout at your desk, a delicious recipe using seasonal asparagus, and a great discount on a massage!

April 2010

Results from an interesting study into the best kind of resistance training to do for fat loss, and a recipe for roast broccoli

March 2010

Why Heather’s upset about magazine racks on CV kit in the gym, and a lovely recipe with jerusalem artichokes

February 2010

Tips for eating out healthily and a recipe for a winter stew

January 2010

The first newsletter for a new decade, containing a few ideas for making the most of a “snow day” and a recipe for a delicious and healthy fish pie

December 2009

An Christmas-themed newsletter with lots of recent news, a recipe for Winter Vegetable Crumble and an in-depth look at the importance of water

November 2009

Another butternut squash recipe this month, with lentils and feta cheese; plus we dispel some of the myths surrounding boosting your metabolism

October 2009

A recipe for spinach & feta stuffed butternut squash, and part of the new article “Resistance Training for Fat Loss”

Eddie Izzard Proves Running Won’t Help Fat Loss!

Following his amazing multi-marathon running, Eddie Izzard said that he did not lose 1lb of weight. As I’ve been saying for years, running as a means for fat loss isn’t effective

September 2009

The last of the three part series about the foods to avoid in your quest for fat loss, and a seasonal salad recipe with feta cheese

August 2009

The second of a three part series about the foods to avoid in your quest for fat loss, and a warming Summer soup recipe

July 2009

The first of a three part series about the foods to avoid in your quest for fat loss, a recipe with beetroot, and an interview with new team member Linn Andersen

June 2009

A tasty barbeque recipe with asparagus, how to snack healthily, and an interview with new team member Hannah Smith

May 2009

What’s the point in eating organic, and a yummy recipe for ginger stewed rhubarb

April 2009

Why the scales don’t mean everything when you’re looking to lose body fat. And a delicious recipe for watercress and orange salad

March 2009

The Truth about Fat Loss Cardio and a seasonal recipe for purple sprouting brocolli and bean soup

Haslemere Outdoor Group Training Sessions

All the details of the upcoming Haslemere group training course

February 2009

An invitation to drop a clothes size in 28 days and a tasty recipe for a kale, lentil and pepper stir fry

January 2009

Featuring a sneak preview of the article “The Myths of Fat Loss” and a recipe for Beetroot & Avocado Salad

2009 New Year Goal Setting

A special New Year message, with hints and tips from Heather’s exclusive goal setting process to show you how to make sure your goals become a reality this year!

December 2008

Including tips on surviving Christmas without putting on a dress size, and a healthy tasty pudding recipe

November 2008

Hints and tips on how to get started with exercise without feeling overwhelmed as well as a tasty lunch time recipe for beetroot and avocado salad with spinach and walnuts

October 2008

How to exercise inside on cold dark evenings, and a delicious dinner-time recipe of pumpkin roast with salmon

September 2008

Explaining the importance of eating after exercise, and a recipe for courgette and lemon spaghetti

August 2008

Why skipping is such good exercise, and an incredibly easy recipe for a sweet treat of fruit fools

July 2008

Great reasons to get outside in the summer, and a recipe for a tasty accompaniment to your barbeques!

June 2008

Why it’s important to stretch, and a recipe for artichoke bruschetta

May 2008

Featuring some easy exercises you can do to tone up your tummy, and a recipe for a seasonal asparagus frittata

April 2008

The first ever newsletter! Including tips on how to get that all-important 30 minutes of heart rate raising activity, and a recipe for steamed cod with brocolli and oyster sauce