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Have You Tried Everything to Improve Your Chronic Pain?


If you’re struggling with a long term injury or pain, you’ve likely tried a whole load of ‘stuff’ ranging from rest to therapists, as well as other things like diet changes, supplements – or good-old blaming your age!

But, have you ever tried being less specific and just working on improving mobility in your body as a whole?

This pretty simple thing can work absolute magic.

Of course, a decent hands on therapist can be awesome and super helpful – but if you’ve been seeing someone (or a variety of people) and doing all the corrective exercises for […]

Seeking Toned Arms?


Lots of people ask me for help in toning up their arms – it might feel like quite an uphill battle, but actually, a few adjustments to your workout routine will help a lot!

We can’t choose where our body takes fat from first, and while simply losing weight will result in smaller arms, we still won’t achieve that toned look without gaining muscle and strength in them.

And so – perhaps obviously – if you want to tone up your arms, your focus needs to be on building up the muscles in your arms. Don’t focus only on the […]

Do You Wear A Fitness Tracker?


Most people I meet these days have some kind of wearable fitness tracker.

Their popularity has EXPLODED over the last few years.

Personally, I use an Oura ring, which I find pretty good. It’s more a sleep and recovery tracker which also tracks activity too.

The other day, I caught myself looking at the data from the previous nights sleep and thinking “oh, that’s nice”. I then proceeded to forget all about it and just move on with my day.

Which got me thinking about how many of us must do this.

Wearing these things is only useful […]

Don’t Exercise To Lose Weight


I saw an advert for an exercise class which promised to burn 900 calories per session.

This makes me roll my eyes.

I really can see the appeal – if you’re trying to lose weight, I know this kind of advert sounds awesome!

But if you’re trying to lose weight only with exercise, you are fighting a losing battle.

You will never out-exercise a bad diet.

A standard sized chocolate bar is somewhere around 200-250 calories.

That’ll take you about an hour to walk off, or about 40 minutes if you do something more intense for […]

Cardio Exercise Is Terrible For Fat Loss


There was a study released recently which compared cardio, strength training and a combination of both together.

I believe this is the first study to have compared these three types of exercise for their effects on fat loss.

The results?

Those who only strength trained lost more body fat and maintained more muscle than those in the cardio only group.

And even a little more than those in the combined group! (This is interesting to note – more work doesn’t always equate to more results).

Remember that while, at least for the short time, you’ll burn more calories during […]

Will Deep Squats Damage Your Knees?


I had an interesting conversation with a client this morning about squat depth and knee health, and I thought it might be of interest to some of you.

There’s a bit more information about this on the Facebook group – if you’d like to read more, please do join at

So, a deep squat is defined as going below parallel. Parallel is the point of a squat at which your hips are in line with your knees. Below parallel is the point at which your hips are below your knees.

Clearly, a lot of […]

Workouts Designed for Women


Workouts “For Women”

The fitness industry has a lot to answer for. There’s a lot of rubbish touted as fact, and one of the biggest red flags when you’re buying a workout program is if it has been designed for women!

These programs involve lighter weights and higher reps.

Apparently they make your body sculpt without ‘getting big’.

The first thing to know is that it really is HARD to gain enough muscle to make you look bulky, especially as a woman.

The next thing is the exercises generally contained in these workouts. They’re not usually the […]

Should You Exercise If You’re Sore?


Should I exercise if I feel sore?

Yes. You probably should.

It’s starting to be shown in research that what many have known from experience for a long time is true. Exercising on top of a muscle ache will generally reduce the severity of the ache more quickly than resting. Getting your body moving and making things flow is helpful.

This said, there are different types of soreness.

If you’re sore due to an injury, then you should probably back off the injured area until the initial inflammation has gone down and you have a plan for fixing […]

Finding Time For Exercise


While some people seem to find it easy to fit exercise into their life, others find it very hard to find the time.

There are lots of ways to look at this, but for today, let’s look at the idea of exercise featuring on a scale.

Think of doing zero exercise as a 0, and doing regular intense workouts aiming towards some sort of competitive event as a 10.

You don’t have to go in at a 10!

Doing ANY kind of movement is positive – and you probably never NEED to reach a 10 on this scale.

Before […]

The Great News About Being New To Exercise!


I’ve added a bit of a “part two” to this won the Facebook group – if you’d like to read it, you can read it here. See the post from 26th September 2023.

Getting started with a structured exercise routine can be a different experience to, say, getting into the habit of going for a regular walk.

The routine is only one part; it often feels like there’s a lot to learn – associating the names of exercises with the how-to can feel like you’re learning a new language!

But the great news when you’re starting […]

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