Have You Tried Everything to Improve Your Chronic Pain?


If you’re struggling with a long term injury or pain, you’ve likely tried a whole load of ‘stuff’ ranging from rest to therapists, as well as other things like diet changes, supplements – or good-old blaming your age!

But, have you ever tried being less specific and just working on improving mobility in your body as a whole?

This pretty simple thing can work absolute magic.

Of course, a decent hands on therapist can be awesome and super helpful – but if you’ve been seeing someone (or a variety of people) and doing all the corrective exercises for a long time with very little improvement, then it’s time to try something new.

Sometimes, it’s more effective to simply help your body move better as a whole rather than getting too into the specifics.

This doesn’t mean standing around doing the standard stretches we’ve all seen in exercise classes for years, but instead learning how to gradually improve your joints abilities to move in all of the ways they’re designed to move in.

Very often, these kinds of mobility exercises feel like a workout all on their own!

Remember that the positive effects which come from improving your mobility will likely stretch much further than just helping your body feel and move a bit better.

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