Something You Might Not Have Thought Of


Do you drink while you’re eating in order to wash your food down?

Perhaps it’s worth reconsidering this.

If you can eat your meals without drinking, you’ll find it slows your eating down.

Its great to eat more slowly for various reasons.

Thinking about weight loss, one great reason is that it takes a while for your body to let you know that you’ve eaten enough. So, if you’ve eaten slowly, you’re less likely to have over eaten before you get the signal.

Next, eating more slowly means better digestion. Your digestion works best when you’re properly chewing your food and not bolting it down as quickly as you can.

If you feel like you really need water to wash your food down, it’s a good sign that you’re probably eating too quickly and not chewing enough.

There’s some really good research demonstrating that eating more slowly is linked to weight loss.

Also that people who eat quickly are significantly more likely to be overweight – three times more likely according to some research!

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