Are You Being Too Strict With Your Diet?


When we’re looking to change our bodies, it’s natural to want to see changes quickly.

It’s also totally logical, and probably also true, that the more closely we can stick with our plans, the more quickly our results will come.

But while this is true – I don’t think, for most of us, it’s the right thing to do.

You know as well as I do that by outlawing certain things from your diet, you’re much more likely to want them! And, there’s only so far your willpower will get you. You’ll never out-willpower your mind!

This leads to an on:off cycle where you’re ‘good’ for a while before inevitably succumbing to a tasty snack or three, then you decide you’ve ruined your plan and might as well just totally give up for a while. It might then take you quite a while to get yourself back in the right headspace to try again.

It’s a really unhappy cycle to be in…. And fortunately, I have a better idea!

When I speak with clients, SO much of the time I hear myself saying that whatever off course event happened is ok. We try to draw a line under these things and move on.

This is because things that happen occasionally don’t make much of an impact over the long term.

What’s important is what you do every day.

So, instead of trying to be perfect, get things good enough to show you the results you’re looking for.

Focus on creating a sustainable routine rather than perfection.

If you fall off course, try to figure out what went wrong and create a strategy to avoid the same issue coming up again

I think you’ll find this a much more happy experience, and one which leads to a healthy relationship with food and better success in the long run.

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