Tasty Food For Weight Loss


If you want to lose weight, you are allowed to eat tasty food!

I LOVE good food. I enjoy choosing, shopping for and preparing a nice meal.

As I’ve said before, a meal that looks good and tastes good is more satisfying than a meal made up with the same calories and nutrients but which looks a mess and isn’t especially tasty.

Likewise, herbs and spices add calorie free flavour – and a surprising amount of extra nutrition too.

Remember that any real food is healthy food.

You don’t need to survive on plain chicken and broccoli if you’re losing weight.

I’ve mentioned on the Facebook group that my daughter gave me a Turkish cookbook for Christmas. There are so many delicious recipes in that book and it seems to me that this style of cooking masters the art of taking simple, healthy ingredients and turning them into delicious meals which tick all the boxes!

One great example is this scrambled egg recipe. I’ve adapted it a little so you can make it for your lunch today with what you likely have in stock.

We all know eggs are a great breakfast. But, they can get a bit boring after a while. I’ve been cooking this a lot lately.

Ingredients, to serve one
Half a green pepper
A decent sized spring onion
Spoonful of olive oil
Spoonful of tomato puree
Sprinkle of each cumin seeds, oregano and mild chilli flakes
3 eggs
Small handful of chopped parsley

Soften the pepper in some olive oil
Add the spring onion along with the tomato puree, cumin, oregano, chilli and some salt and pepper
Crack the eggs directly into the pan and stir through the tomato mixture to break them up
Stir as you cook them until they’re ready, pop onto a plate and top with the parsley.

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