Before & After NutritionGood nutrition accounts for about 60% of the results you’ll get from any exercise and nutrition program – in fact, if your nutrition isn’t as good as it could be, the results you get from exercise will be severely restricted at best.

Eating well isn’t about avoiding fat like the plague, its about eating right for your body – there is no real one size fits all.

Dieting isn’t a great solution; your body doesn’t want you to starve yourself or severely restrict what you eat – it’s not your willpower which fails, it’s your bodies “don’t kill me” response which takes over any determination you have to stick to whatever diet you’re following.

The way to eat for the energy you want and the body you want is to eat normally – something which so many of us have forgotten how to do. Its been drowned out by calls to eat less carbs, try intermittent fasting, drink meal replacement shakes – etc.

I’m never going to be disinterested in food, nor am I ever going to manage long stretches of time without a bar of Green & Blacks – so I don’t expect you to either!

My aim is to help you find a way to eat well, without spending hours in the kitchen (unless that’s what you want to do) and without having to become a lettuce-eating bore. The principals I’ll teach you about nutrition will always be followed up with the words “have a treat here and there – and don’t feel guilty about it!”

In a nutrition consultation, we’ll chat through the general rules of good nutrition before discussing your current diet (and lifestyle). We’ll work together to make a plan of action to get you following some basic good rules. If you’re struggling with food cravings, food addictions or emotional eating, we will also work on these.

If you’re already eating pretty well most of the time, we will go on to personalise your nutrition plan considerably – however sussed you are, there’s always something new to learn about good eating, and it might just make all the difference to the results you’re seeing.

Nutrition consultations can be one-off, a whole series, or anything in between depending on how much support you need. They are included as part of the service in both the 1-2-1 and 28 Day Challenge programs.

Get in touch now for a chat about how a nutrition consultation could work for you