Bio Typing

Bio Typing

Heather is Sussex and Surrey’s Only Qualified Bio-Typing Advisor Providing Completely Personalised Nutrition Advice

Bio-Typing is fantastic, I’ve loved it ever since I started learning about it! Its so interesting that we all fit into one of five types, and that those types don’t just correlate to how our bodies like to be fed, but also about our personalities and what motivates us.

It recognises that one nutritional program will not work for everyone; one size does not fit all when it comes to nutrition – our bodies are all unique and our nutritional needs are too. Bio-Typing will make a long lasting difference to everyone who uses it; in terms of their energy levels, food cravings, moods, and of course body shape and size.

Bio-Typing is a really simple way to gain specific knowledge about the optimal diet for you and what foods will cause you to gain or lose body fat. You’ll also learn the reasons for the food cravings you get, and how to stop them.

While the same basic truths surround optimum nutrition, Bio Typing enables me to advise you on your personal requirements for lifelong health and vitality.

Alongside the nutritional aspect of Bio-Typing, we can also see what motivates and challenges you – and therefore the best way to get you towards your goals.

I am intrigued by it’s accuracy every time I use Bio-Typing with a client. It’s pretty easy to implement the recommendations for your type, since the recommendations usually tie in to how you feel you’d like to eat anyway – and it really works!

Your Bio-Type is ascertained simply by looking at your body, and having a normal conversation with you – in fact you probably won’t realise it’s taking place!

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