(Yet Another) Trigger for Over Eating!


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We’re a complicated breed us humans, and overeating is a big issue for so many of us.

The evenings seem to be an especially popular time of day to over eat, and I’ve covered various reasons for that – you can read them here.

There’s (yet) another potential trigger for over eating which we haven’t covered before and that is distraction.

Eating while you’re distracted is massively linked to overeating. Just think about that tub of popcorn you buy at the cinema which mysteriously disappears before the film has even started.

Any distraction at all has the potential to lead you to eating more than you need, or intend, to eat.

Eating while you’re working at the computer, or sitting in front of the TV are common examples, but eating while you’re driving and even just listening to the radio have been shown to disrupt your body’s satiation signals too!

Now consider that the food we’ve likely chosen while our minds are otherwise occupied is probably not a lovingly prepared healthy meal, but some type of hyper-palatable processed food which has literally been designed to make you want to eat to excess.

It becomes even more clear to see how distraction has such a strong link to overeating.

Perhaps it’s time to sit at the table while you eat, or even take your plate and eat outside – without looking at your phone – and stay mindful of what you’re eating and what effect it is likely to have on you.

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