Why I Won't Write A Meal Plan For You


Sometimes, a client will ask me if I will write them a meal plan – and I always say no.

Why is that?

Being given a meal plan seems to be a common thing, and it feels like it should give you a fast track to success – so why would I refuse?

Well, I would much rather arm you with the information you need in order to make better decisions, than simply tell you what to do. Developing this autonomy is crucial because part of the process of losing weight and improving your health needs to involve figuring out how to put your meals together in a better way yourself.

Writing out a meal plan for the week ahead is something I very often suggest to a client because it almost always makes life easier and also improves your chances of sticking to your plan even when you’re low on brain space. I’ll often share recipes and help clients come up with ideas for what to eat, but it is crucial that you write your meal plan yourself.

Sure, the net result might be the same – you’re eating a better diet – but without having to work out how to put the meals together yourself, it is never going to be a skill you possess and therefore it won’t become something you can use for the rest of your life.

If you’re to achieve sustainable results you have to connect with the process more deeply than simply ‘doing as you’re told’. You have to fail a few times. You have to learn how to think on your toes when you’re out, and you have to learn how to make a meal which ticks the right boxes with the ingredients you have to hand – and this is how the changes you’re trying to make become changes which will last for life.

We all want the most simple, straight forward route to our goals but the journey and the learning which comes from it is one of the most important parts.

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