What Is The BEST Program For Weight Loss?


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While there are a lot of constants in all programs written for weight loss (or at least there should be, let’s exclude weird faddy diets here!).

Any well designed weight loss focussed program should be based on real food, include some variation of resistance training and give some focus to the impact of lifestyle factors like stress management or sleep quality.

But when we start to look at the specifics, we see that knowing exactly where to focus your attention, how to do it – and when – is at least as important as knowing what to do.

There is a person-by-person difference in the order in which one should approach all the different aspects, and the amount of focus each one deserves at each time. This could be in terms of need and/or preference.

For example, if you eat generally pretty well but you sleep poorly, we probably don’t need to work on your diet until we’ve got your sleep sussed. Yet if you eat badly and sleep poorly, we might decide to work on your diet and see if that helps your sleep.

Or if you’re rushing around, do no exercise and survive on fast, convenient food, a huge life overhaul is probably not going to work for you for long. We should choose one area to start with, and bring in the next aspect once you’ve got your head around the first one.

There is a right time to focus on food, exercise and lifestyle – and there are times when it is right to focus on all areas at once. Some people in some situations do really well with big life overhauls.

The key thing is that whatever you’re working towards, always set yourself up to succeed. Gain more and more success with taking the steps you need to take in order to reach your goal – you’ll find the experience is much more enjoyable, rewarding and satisfying as well as being much more likely to last for the long term.

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