Too Nervous To Work With A Coach?


It can be really hard to take the first step in changing your lifestyle.

Actually, I think it is one of the hardest parts of the whole journey. Regardless of how uncomfortable you are with where you are right now, making a change to your lifestyle involves taking a step outside of your comfort zone.

When you’re thinking about getting help from a personal trainer, so many thoughts run through your mind.

Am I too unfit? I should do some exercise before I start.

Am I too fat? Maybe I should lose weight before I get in touch.

Is it going to be terribly hard work?

What if I do all the exercises wrong?

Essentially, the question is: am I going to embarrass myself?

The thing is, a good coach understands that this is how you’re feeling when you pick up the phone – and more so when you meet for your first workout.

A coaches role isn’t to make you feel inferior, it is quite the opposite.

My job is to help you build confidence in reaching your goals in a steady and sustainable way. We start from where you are right now, by making the key basic changes first, and working out how to fit these into your life.

After a while, these changes become second nature, and it is great to see someone so delighted with the results from their efforts. Clients return to me, sometimes even years after we last worked together, to work on new goals.

My job is to help light the way by using experience and intuition to understand what you really need, what is most likely to work for you, and then to explain it to you in an easy-to-action way.

I provide a coaching service above and beyond what you’d receive from any other personal trainer in Haslemere. If you need someone to help you with every aspect of what you need to do to get results – I will get you there.

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