Tips for Cellulite



Before 1972 no one even knew what it was.

A lady called Nicole Ronsard wrote a book and sold products to help us lose the lumpy fat on our legs and bottom – she opened a huge new industry for cellulite creams and products; and a whole new way for us to feel bad about ourselves!

Even though over 90% of us have cellulite, this is a good example of how products are advertised to us in a way which makes us feel theres something wrong with us and which we need to fix.

Have you ever used any of these products? Do they work? Perhaps for a very short amount of time, but they certainly don’t create long term changes. Vitamin E and aloe vera creams are good for the skin in general; they don’t do anything special to body fat.

Do you know what cellulite is?

It’s just body fat. Fat which has pushed through tissues under the skin and appears lumpy and bumpy.

Is there a solution?

The area around our bottom and tops of our thighs is oestrogen sensitive. If you have more receptors, you’re likely to store more fat in this area, and if you have less receptors, you’re more likely to store your fat somewhere else.

Balancing hormones plays a part in getting rid of cellulite.

Improve your bodies ability to rid excess oestrogen by eating foods rich in indole-3 carbinols. These are things like cauliflower, broccoli, sprouts, cabbage, kale and radish.

Clear out excess oestrogens from your life – junky food, plastic and a lot of beauty products are prime areas to look if you’re trying to lose fat from your thighs and bottom.

Use exercise to balance your hormones – lifting weights is excellent for this, and far superior to long, slow aerobic exercise like jogging or cycling.

But mostly, the answer to fixing cellulite lies in simply getting leaner.

Get back to good old-fashioned basics – focus on eating nutrient dense, real food, get some good quality sleep and keep moving. Add in some proper exercise too, then allow some time to pass and let yourself feel pleasantly surprised at how far the simple things can bring you.

Do you know what though – even if you get as lean as is healthy for you, you will probably still have some cellulite. Because its normal!

It’s not the dysfunction the adverts would have you believe!

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