Three Ways To Lose Weight Without Dieting


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Try putting these three simple ideas into place, and notice the changes you can make to your body with relatively little effort – or pain!

Make your goal to eat at least 1g protein per kg body weight, every day.
This simple act will boost your satiety, and help reduce cravings.
When you start to actually count your protein intake, you’ll realise that it’s quite a lot to get through in a day – it will leave you very little time, and space, for less nutrient rich too!

Don’t drink your calories
Calories from drinks add up annoyingly quickly, and making a policy of only calorie-free drinks can save you a surprising amount of calories, and aside from the habit, you really won’t notice much difference.
I wrote more about this here

Get at least 10,000 steps a day
Generally keeping moving, rather than sitting for the majority of the day, makes a surprising difference to the energy your body uses during the day. So, if you’ve become less active lately, making an effort to move more will help your weight loss quest.

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