Some Thoughts On Boredom


Boredom crops up in several different guises when we’re talking about health, fitness and weight loss, and I have some thoughts about it to share with you:

There is likely going to be a degree of boredom at times when you’re following your plan to reach your goals. The day to day boredom of remembering to keep plugging away can be hard at times, although I do sometimes wonder whether boredom is really the right word – perhaps ‘kind of wanting to rebel’ might be better?

You are not ‘being boring’ if you choose to decline something being offered to you, like a slice of cake with your cup of tea for example, even if you’re making a different choice to others. There’s no need to preach about it, or open your choice up for discussion – just quietly do your thing and people will almost never challenge you.

Following a well put together plan to get you to a specific goal is not by default boring. Depending on the plan, of course, the reality is that by sticking to whatever ‘rules’ you’ve chosen to stick to, you’re going to free up a lot of brain space to think about other stuff.

Eating well is not boring. The array of fantastic and delicious things you can cook is limited only by how often you open recipe books – and your imagination!

Exercise doesn’t have to be boring. Find something you enjoy doing, and do it. If you loathe exercise, simply deciding to find something about it that you do like might be enough to turn the tide.

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