Learning How To Get The Balance Right


The schools are back and we have a little more time and control over our days again.

It seems like a good time to get back on to the healthy lifestyle wagon, and to prepare for what could be, with a bit of luck, a much more sociable festive season than last year! Sorry. It’s inexcusable to refer to that time of year in September.

So, I’m looking for two ladies who are fed up with being stuck in a cycle of on:off dieting for low reward.

Do you feel like you’re always either ‘on it’ or ‘off it’ when it comes to your diet and exercise habits?

Wouldn’t it be nice to free up brain space from always thinking and worrying about what you’re going to eat and whether you’re being ‘good’.

We’ll work out how you can eat what you want, in the right balance, with no guilt, and we’ll learn about variations of being on track, rather than simply being ‘good’ or ‘bad.

You’ll end up with a total change to the way you approach eating and exercise.

But, you’ve got to be ready to commit and ready to make changes.

We’ll start where you are right now, and we’ll make changes at the right pace for you.

We’ll see each other alternate weeks, and we’ll keep in touch the rest of the time. This gives you a great balance between having as much advice and support as you need while also learning the autonomy to stick with the changes for the long term.

We’ll work through your nutrition and make changes to free you from a lifetime of worrying about food.

We’ll come up with a workout plan which can either fit into and optimise the other exercise you do across the week, or we can make it the only exercise you do. Either way, we’ll make sure you feel better, move better, and look great.

If this sounds like you, get in touch and we can arrange to have a chat about the program!

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