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Despite there being 365 perfectly good days a year to start your quest to improved health and weight loss, for some reason, a Monday feels like the best time. I can see that; it’s a fresh week, and it always feels good to start at the beginning of something. It’s a fresh start – a chance to start as you wish to carry on.

Have you ever considered, though, that this cuts your available days to make a change quite significantly. You now only have 52 days of the year you could make a start.

Then, you add in times (and the run up to them) where you don’t really want to have to make ‘difficult’ decisions – like Christmas, parties, birthdays, Easter, holidays – or any other time where there will be less-than-perfect food and drinks on offer – as well as times we’re busy and stressed, or times when we’re poorly – and its easy to see why so many people go years and year and never ‘get the chance’ to make a start.

We tell ourselves that when we get back from holiday, we’ll make a start. But then, it’s only a week until Easter, so we’d better wait until after that. Then, it’s only a few days until our friends birthday party, so we should wait until after that too. And then there are only a couple of weeks before the school holidays, and its always difficult to make good choices then too.

The thing is, although it is nice to wait until we have the brain capacity to make full plans, to think things through properly and to feel completely in control of our future, these things will always happen.

There will never (or hopefully never!) be a time when nothing is happening and you can concentrate entirely on yourself.

We have to find a way to make some kind of progress around these times which have the potential to pull us off course, even if things do go wrong here and there. Especially when you consider the fact that we’re aiming for a lifestyle change here rather than a quick-fix diet.

The thing with inspiration is that it strikes you when it strikes you. And if we could bottle that feeling, no one would ever struggle to achieve anything ever again.

When you feel the urge to make some changes, don’t put them off because there is some event around the corner. Strike while the iron is hot and make some changes now.

The worst case scenario would be that you did fall off the wagon at whatever event it was which you thought might derail you. But even so, you’ve still learned some things about what your lifestyle change is going to take – and what you can do next time to make things easier on yourself.

And of course, the best case scenario is that you feel so good that you find it easier than you thought to make good choices when you thought you’d find it difficult.

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