Good, General, Targets for Improving Your Health & Fitness


When we’re aiming to lose weight and improve our health and fitness, there are few absolutes – but below, I’m going to share some good general targets to put in place to get yourself started.

You might find that you’re only falling short on a couple, or you might find that most of the areas could do with some work. Either way, brush up on the places which need attention and I think you’ll notice everything gets easier from there.

The reason we look at all these areas is because they all link together. For example, it’s no use encouraging you to prepare meals from scratch if you’re already rushing around all day – and it’s not going to be beneficial to suggest you get up earlier to fit in a workout if you’re not sleeping well.

Achieving most of these targets will improve your life – and quite possibly make it last longer too!

Remember not to try to go from zero to hero on any of these. Start slowly, progress gradually.

Resistance Training
Aim to get TWO to FOUR resistance type workouts in every week.

Interval Training
Aim to get ONE or TWO faster, interval type, workouts in every week.

General Activity
Work towards achieving at least 10,000 steps a day

Eat at least 1g protein per kilo of your bodyweight

Get at LEAST your five-a-day

A good litre a day

At least 7 hours of good quality, refreshing, sleep every night

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