Choose One Problem At A Time


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Changing your lifestyle in order to lose weight and improve your health can feel like something of a massive and overwhelming project.

The time and effort it takes to make changes can test even the most strong-willed of us, and to me, one solution is to make ONE change at a time.

Rather than trying to overhaul your entire life overnight, choose one area to focus all of your attention on improving. Often, changing one key habit is enough to unlock the door to more positive actions too.

Let’s say your eating habits are great up until about 8pm when it all seems to go out of the window, and this is the thing you want to focus on.

The most likely things to affect this would be: overall calorie intake, protein intake, hydration, tiredness or habit.

So, put all of your attention into making sure you are eating enough food and getting enough protein earlier in the day so you’re not physically hungry in the evening. In the evening when the munchies strike, you could commit to checking you’re not simply thirsty or tired. You could also try the art of distraction or routine change too.

Then, judge the results ONLY against the habit you’re working on. Have you seen a positive impact on your 8pm munchies?

When you can answer yes, you can then look at the bigger picture. If weight loss is your goal, has this effort made the scales move? If so, that’s great, and if not, then where do we need to look next?

We all know that bad habits snowball. But, so do good ones.

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