Boris Wants Us To Lose Weight


So. Boris wants us all to join him on his quest to lose weight. Excellent! We have massive problems in this country with obesity and related health issues.

At last the attention of the country is on improving our health and fitness with the intention of improving our health and resilience rather than simply focussing on getting slimmer.

I’m hopeful that this may pave the way for more programs designed with health, resilience and longevity in mind, and less fad-type diet and exercise programs.

Boris has also been talking about how you don’t need a gym to get fit.

This is music to my ears, as you might imagine, since I’ve been saying this for years!

There is absolutely no need to be joining a gym in order to exercise there; there are options for exercise available at every turn.

You can do a fantastic quality workout and completely change your body without ever setting foot inside the gym.

But, if you’re not as active in general as you could be, the biggest thing you could do to improve your health is not going to be doing a daily workout. Instead, making sure you get a good amount of general activity every day is going to be massively effective for you.

They say that sitting is the new smoking in terms of the health issues it can lead to. I’m not sure I could completely agree with this, but if you’re sitting down and inactive for a lot of the day, gradually getting yourself closer to the 10,000 step target is going to be huge for your health. Go for a walk, ride your bike, do some gardening – whatever it is you enjoy will do the trick.

Not only will you be getting more activity and by default be spending less time sitting down, but you’ll also be getting more fresh air and daylight, and that can only be a good thing! Plus the knock on effects of improved sleep quality will help the overall cause too!

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