Two Quick, Easy & Delicious Lunch Recipes


Lunch can be a bit of a boring meal.

What can you make which is quick and easy, uses ingredients you’ve probably got in the house already, isn’t too filling but is appealing enough to satisfy you and keep you away from the biscuit tin all afternoon?

Here are two of my favourite quick, easy, tasty lunch recipes:

‘Tuna And Stuff’
To serve one you’ll need:
A tin of tuna, drained
A generous teaspoon each of sliced black olives and sun-dried tomatoes
A sprinkle of pumpkin seeds
Chopped fresh parsley
A tablespoon of olive oil
An avocado, de-stoned and peeled.

Pop all the ingredients apart from the avocado into a bowl and mix together
Put the mixture on top of the avocado and serve with a watercress and rocket salad

Egg Muffins
Ingredients, to serve one:
Two eggs, beaten
Small handful of grated cheese
Some sort of finely chopped veg. I like mushrooms or asparagus best

You’ll also need a muffin tray. This recipe works best with a silicone muffin tray, although a normal one will work as long as you grease the tray first.

Crack the eggs into a jug and mix all the ingredients together
Pour into 3-4 muffin tray sections and pop in the oven for 20-30 minutes, until the eggs are cooked
Pop out of the tray, then serve alongside watercress and rocket salad.
I prefer these warm, although I am told they’re just as good prepared in advance and eaten cold.

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