Online Personal Training

All Your Friends Will Be Begging You To Share Your Secret!

Online Personal TrainingOur Online Personal Training programme is designed to be every bit as effective as our face-to-face Personal Training and 28 Day Challenge programmes, but without the face-to-face.

It’s a relatively new service, but it has been well tested and proven as a great system for those of you who are pretty good with email and are able to make full use of the support I offer.

Your whole programme takes place online, via email and sometimes with Facetime or Skype too.

We start with a full consultation and I’ll work with you to implement realistic changes to your diet and lifestyle which will help you get where you want to be. No starvation, no calorie counting and no emigrating to Barbados (sorry) – its all about making changes which fit into your world and which you can stick to forever – allowing you to finally gain control.

Then, I’ll design you your very own tailor made exercise programme and send it through to you along with full instructions. We can schedule a Facetime or Skype call if you’re not sure about any of the exercises.

We keep in touch at least once a week, although support is not limited at all – you’re encouraged to get in touch as often as you need to; in fact, the coaching aspect of this program is way more effective than what 99% of other trainers would be able offer you even face-to-face; it’s what supercharges the results you’ll get.

Online Personal Training gives you all the information you need, in a clear way, and without any restriction to the amount of questions you can ask. You lose the hand-holding of the traditional face-to-face approach, but if you are good at keeping in touch and leaning on me, you will find the online approach every bit as effective.

Lets discuss how Online Personal Training might work for you – lets arrange a free consultation now.

“The actual programme was really easy to start on, I was pretty confident with the exercises and their description and was able to get stuck in.  Heather checked in with me about how it was going and we maintained regular contact throughout the duration of the programme – this was one of the most important aspects as it enabled us to tailor the programme as we went along.”



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