How Many Calories Do You Drink?


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I always think it’s surprising just how many calories we can drink. Not because it really ought to be a surprise, but because drinks just don’t feel like they should be all that full of calories. I’m not even just talking about alcoholic drinks!

Let’s look at some not-water drinks you might have during the day:

Orange juice with breakfast – 100 calories for 250ml

Coffee shop coffees – a standard ‘tall’ latte is 181 calories, even if you change for skimmed milk (or any other non-dairy milk), it’s still about 100 calories.

A standard ‘tall’ cappuccino is 163 calories, and alternative milks are again just over 100 calories.

Then if you add a shot of syrup, you’re adding 100 calories per 30ml. A pump of syrup is about 10ml, and you usually get at least two pumps in a serving.

Smoothie (I’ve chosen the green type) – 100 calories for 250ml

Kefir – 145 calories for 250ml (160 calories for 250ml flavoured versions)

Obvious ones like fizzy pop – 140 calories for 330ml or energy drinks – 237 calories for 500ml

Then, of course, you can think about alcoholic drinks – a glass of wine is about 250 calories.

Even in the healthier options here, there are no nutrients here you couldn’t pretty easily make part of your main meal so regardless of how, debatably, healthy some of these drinks are – they still add extra calories to your diet.

So, if you’re trying to lose weight, a relatively easy way to save potentially several hundred calories a day is to simply stop drinking caloric drinks. It could be the difference between losing weight and not.

And while there is no research to prove that diet drinks mess with cravings or hunger and lead to weight gain; there’s an awful a lot of people who vouch for this anecdotally, so I wouldn’t recommend just switching to lower calorie versions of your favourite drinks.

Calories don’t tell the whole story by any means, but still, adding extra calories to your diet is not going to aid weight loss.

Starting with changing the things you drink during the day could be a simple start point to reducing your daily intake.

If you’d like some guidance on working out the best diet for you, get in touch with me and we’ll get you on the right path.

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