The Habit Of Over Eating


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But, for today, let’s talk about over eating. 

We all do it sometimes, and it can be part of a healthy diet. Eating well doesn’t mean always eating perfectly. There is more to the way we eat than the food we choose. A plate of chicken and broccoli home alone tonight could, in some situations, be worse for your health than a couple of glasses of wine and a pizza with friends.

But the problem comes when we’re sitting on the sofa an hour after a very satisfying dinner, piling through a packet of biscuits like there’s no tomorrow.

There are a gazillion potential reasons for evening over-eating, but for today, let’s think about the thought process.

Often, the evenings are our only time in the day to sit still and be vaguely present with ourselves with no distractions other than those you’ve chosen yourself.

Often, that time is a time we think about rewarding ourselves for getting through the day.

Often, that reward comes in the form of food or alcohol.

Pay attention to your thoughts and see if you can work out when you start thinking about what you might treat yourself to tonight. I bet you’ll find the seed of the biscuit-munching is sown much earlier in the day than you think. Even if it isn’t, keep paying attention and find when the idea does pop into your head.

Something triggers the thought. Is it when the children go to bed, or when you start the last job of the day, perhaps it’s when you get into the car after work, or when you sit on the sofa and finally switch off? Maybe it’s the minute you get out of bed on a difficult day. Or perhaps an advert for something yummy on the TV gets your mind craving.

If you can locate the very start of the thought – when the seed of the idea is just beginning to sprout – stop yourself, before the seed gets to grow into an unstoppable forest – and replace it with another thought more in line with your goals.

Remember feelings are not truths. You don’t have to listen to fake hunger any more than you have to listen to your bladder when you need the loo at an inconvenient moment.

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