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Good morning!

What a glorious morning it is, just as the world is being turned back on it’s head again!
I think most of us are feeling somewhat deflated, and especially now the days are getting shorter, it’s going to take effort to keep the positive state of mind going.
Working on maintaining a positive mindset can help to carry you through difficult times and help you be more resilient to stress. It’s something I discuss with clients regularly as it can help a lot with keeping you on course to reach your goals. Here are some of my top tips:
Fresh air and daylight
Getting outside first thing is a great way to start the day. Not only is it helping direct your natural wake:sleep rhythm, but the boost of serotonin helps to set your positive mood for the day.
Of course, there’s nothing worse for your mood than sitting grumpily on the sofa eating junk. Any sort of movement will do the trick – go for a walk or a cycle, or do a ‘proper workout’. No one has ever regretted doing exercise, this one cannot fail!
Prioritise sleep to help your brain work optimally, make the best decisions and think clearly. Remember that a lack of sleep results in a more negative and anxious state.
Have a cold shower?
Oh my goodness me, this one does NOT sound fun! But, there is very convincing research to show that exposure to cold water is very mood enhancing, even turning the shower to its coldest setting for one minute does the trick.
Cut the booze
It is all too easy to reach for a glass of wine to soothe stress, but remember that booze can make you more irritable, it will impact your sleep quality and make it easy to start a cycle of drinking every evening too. Try to have set days in which alcohol is off the menu, it might just help to start tomorrow with a fresh perspective.
Eat more nutrients
Especially magnesium for it’s relaxing effects and because stress causes a drain on our magnesium levels, and b vitamins for their energy effects. Especially b6 which is important for the production of serotonin – the happy hormone.
Find some fun
Laughter really is the best medicine!
Focus on the positive
If you can seek out some positives in life – even if they’re not related to whatever it is which is causing you difficulty – it can help you to not feel overwhelmed by stress and negativity.
Be kind to yourself
Don’t add extra stress, allow yourself to feel the way you do. Be patient with yourself – the way you feel right now is not permanent.
Do you need some help to work out how to eat and exercise to reduce stress? I’d love to help you find an effective routine which can fit into your life and which you can stick to long term. Please get in touch.

Heather’s approach is incredibly supportive. A gentle approach which allows you to make small changes and see effects. It’s not just based on weight loss but overall lifestyle and fitness. Changes that should last forever.
Gemma, Online Client

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