How To Get Yourself Back On Track


If there was a competition to see how much chocolate it is possible to eat over one weekend, I really think I’d be in the winners line up, if not in the actual number one position.

And honestly, I feel yuck having over indulged!

I know I’m not the only one who feels like this after a time of being taken off course, and I also know that it can be really difficult to pick yourself up. Right now would be an easy time to allow old habits to slip back in, and to allow months of hard work to be undone.

So – how do we get back to our routine?

I have a pretty simple four step formula for you. It will work well for you assuming you’ve only been off track for a few days – this should feel like a bit of a refresher course, and not like a major life overhaul.

1) Firstly, notice how you’re feeling. How is your digestion? How’s your energy level? Have you been sleeping well? Are you noticing cravings you didn’t have before?

The reason we start here is because what we’re really aiming to do is get back into our routines and get our bodies feeling how we’d like them to feel.

One weekend of not sticking to your usual set of rules is not going to make much difference in the long run. It’s actually hard to gain actual fat over a day or two because our bodies have some wonderful ways of dealing with the extra calories for a short while. Of course you’ll gain weight on the scales, but only a very small amount of it will be fat, and it will go again almost as soon as you get back to normal.

2) The next thing you’re going to do is to look at what’s changed in terms of what you’re doing now vs what you were doing before you took time off your plan.
– you’re grazing rather than eating proper meals
– your protein and/or veg intake has gone out the window
– you’ve forgotten to drink water
– you’ve given up on meal planning
– you’ve run out of food to make proper meals
– you’re sitting up late in the evening
– your activity levels have plummeted

3) The third step should be fairly simple because the action you need to take should now be clear. Remember this should not feel like a life overhaul, you should be getting back into habits which were already pretty well ingrained. Go to the shops if you need to, write a menu plan, fill up a jug of water to remind yourself to drink it – whatever you need to do.

4) Ride it out for 24 hours without allowing yourself to think about it too much.

Then, in my experience, you’ll find yourself back in your usual routine.

I realise this is a very simple plan and that you probably feel like something more extreme would be better, but, if what you were doing before you had a few days off seemed to be working for you, then it really is a simple case of picking up the reins and getting back to it.

There’s no need for any guilt, judgement or ‘payback’. Just get back to what was working.

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