How Kitchen Roll Relates To Fat Loss


I’ve recorded this email as a video as well. You can find it on Facebook or Instagram.

Alwyn Cosgrove posted the most fantastic thing the other day on Facebook, likening a roll of kitchen roll to fat loss. I thought it was fabulously visual and made the point that just because fat loss might seem slow at times, it’s the fact that you’ve stayed the course which means the results add up over time.

It goes like this:

Take two rolls of kitchen roll, each with 100 sheets. Keep one aside as your ‘before’ picture. Use the other to represent you now. The roll in the middle represents your lean self, and the sheets around the middle represent body fat.

Say you want to lose 1.5 stone which is about 10kg. For the sake of this visual, assume that your fat loss works linearly, which it doesn’t usually, and so each sheet represents 1/4lb fat.

Every day, tear one sheet off your kitchen roll to demonstrate the fat you’ve lost that day. After a week, you’ve lost about 2lbs, so put the roll next to your ‘before’ roll. You’re going to see very little difference!

Continue following the plan by taking one sheet of paper off the roll every day. After 2-3 weeks, you’re starting to see a difference.

Stay with it!

And by the end of the 100 days, the small daily changes have added up massively and now you’re left with just the lean ‘body’ of your kitchen roll.

I love this illustration.

Aside from the fact that fat loss doesn’t work equally day to day, it shows you why sticking with your program the whole way through is the way to get the results you’re after. Small, consistent changes soon add up.

The other thing you’ll notice when you think about the kitchen roll is that the outer layers make a smaller difference visually than the inner layers. The sheets come off more quickly at first, and take longer to ‘go around’ the roll and come off by the time you get to the inside – but each sheet makes more of a visual difference when you get closer to the middle.

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