Do You Lack Willpower?

“If I had more willpower, I couldĀ stop eating so much junk”
Have you ever said, or thought this?
It’s true that you have to work at making changes, and that can be REALLY hard.
It can be interesting and useful to look at your environment as well though, and consider how making some changes there could make the willpower more easy to come by.
An example of this could be how difficult it is to avoid a couple of biscuits with your afternoon cuppa. If you’re sitting in the same place you always sit and trying to out-willpower your old habit, it is going to be tough and, really, only a matter of time before you give in.
Instead, change your environment. Plan to walk the dog around the time your craving would usually kick in, so it isn’t even a consideration – bypass the habit completely so willpower isn’t even a factor.
It might take some creative thinking, but this works for most situations.
Remember good habits can snowball in the same way as bad habits!

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