Are You Changing For The Better?


How is this going for you?

It’s starting to feel like there could be an end in sight to all this – perhaps we will be starting to venture out more often over the next few weeks.

If we’re being honest, we have ALL changed our usual eating and exercising habits over the last couple of months. Some things have changed for the better, and some for the worst.

Many of our previously decent diets and exercise habits have slipped. I know I have drowned some of mine in gin.

Many of us are a little apprehensive about the prospect of wearing fitted clothes again, after weeks of wearing only our stretchiest, comfiest clothes.

Most of us have also found things which we have enjoyed about this time and from which we have benefited.

Perhaps we’ve discovered that we love cooking. Maybe we’ve discovered that a morning walk starts the day on the right foot. Or perhaps the simple act of sitting still to drink a cup of coffee while you plan your day has been a game-changer.

I’d love to help you work out how you can maintain the new habits you’ve enjoyed over the last couple of months, and I’d love to help you re-gain control over your diet and exercise habits to shed the ‘coronavirus kilo’ which I think most of us are wearing!

We could work together on a regular basis or as a one-off to work on a specific area. Reply to this email, or send me a message, and we can arrange a time for us to speak and make a plan.

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