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It is important to account for this stress we are under at the minute.

The stress we are under at the minute is different to the stress we are used to, but it is still stress. We are used to being stressed from rushing around too much, but stress can come from a wide variety of different areas. Including ‘strangeness’ and uncertainty.

A lot of people I’ve spoken to lately have commented that it seems harder than ever to make changes at the moment, despite the fact that in theory we should have all the time in the world to focus on whatever we want.

I think this is in part because life being so remarkably different causes stress and anxiety, and drains our energy levels, and I think it is important to account of this when planning your approach to your health and fitness. As per the green, orange and red lists I wrote about last week, it is important to make the decisions which are right for you and how you feel at the moment – and not based on the theory of how you think you should be feeling.

My advice is to do a little of everything. Don’t forget how it feels to be relatively fit and to have your body fed properly – but likewise, don’t put yourself under pressure to get everything right all of the time.

A bit of exercise is great, but aiming to do three workouts a day when you’re already feeling drained isn’t going to be a positive for your health.

Watching you’re not eating too much is going to limit the disappointment we’re going to feel when we put on proper clothes. But cutting too far is only going to add to the stress your body is under.

Instead, focus the majority of your effort in allowing your body adequate recovery. Make sure you are getting sufficient sleep, turn off the news at least a couple of hours before bed, and perhaps try some meditation too. Meditation doesn’t have to be done cross legged with your eyes closed, it could be a lovely calm mind-clearing walk in the sunshine.

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