Not Feeling Great Despite Doing Everything Right?


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Sometimes, it can feel like we’re doing everything right yet we don’t feel as good as we feel we should given the effort we’re making.

There’s a massive array of things which can cause this, but to get you started, here are some things to look at:

Regardless of what the theory says, and regardless of how well an approach worked for your friend, sometimes the diet you’re eating just doesn’t suit you. If you’ve been following something new, maybe a change in approach is what you need to help you feel better.

Over Training
If you’re pushing your body hard all the time then you may well be struggling to recover from all that hard work.
It can be an individual thing as to how much exercise your body can tolerate, and that will change during your life as well.
Remember there is a difference between ‘just about tolerable’ levels of exercise and ‘optimum’ levels of exercise. More is not better – especially if you’re also eating in a calorie deficit aiming to lose weight.

Even if you’re sleeping for a good amount of time, it doesn’t necessarily mean your sleep quality is good.
Lots of things can affect the quality of your sleep – alcohol, caffeine (even in the morning if you’re sensitive to it), stress, poor bedtime routine etc are all worth looking at if you think the quality of your sleep could be an issue.

Not drinking enough water is an often missed reason for feeling below par. If you’re not drinking at least one decent sized glass of water with each meal of the day, then you could likely notice some benefits to getting some more water in.

If you’re eating in a saintly fashion with zero processed food, then you may well not be getting enough salt in your diet – and this is even more true if you’re doing sweaty workouts several times a week too.
While an overload of salt may not be a good thing, it is not a case of ‘the less the better’. If you think you could be low on salt, try adding a little into your diet and monitoring the results.

If you’re lacking in exposure to natural light, this could well be a cause of feeling below par. Half an hour of daylight before noon is the bare minimum you should be aiming for.

I hope there are some ideas there which will help you work out what could be causing you problems in terms of how you feel. If you need more help, I’d love to help you pick through this huge subject – just get in touch.

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