How You Can Improve Your Health, For Free


So much about getting healthy seems to be expensive, but actually, there are loads of things you can do which will improve your health hugely which don’t cost a penny.

Changes to our lifestyle and environment are often overlooked, but are actually some of the most powerful things we can do to improve our health and energy levels.

The first free thing has to be sleep.
If you sleep well, you wake up feeling good. If nothing else, you’ll find it easier to make good food choices. People who don’t sleep well tend to eat 20% more calories than people who don’t sleep well, and often the extra calories come from sugar – this is due to higher blood sugars when you haven’t slept well.
Wind down better for bed, turn screens off at least an hour before bed, have a soak in the bath, read a book and aim for a quiet mind.

Daylight is also free!
Getting some daylight first thing in the morning boosts your serotonin, which is the hormone responsible for waking you up and helping you feel happy. Regardless of the weather, get at least 10 minutes outside as soon as you can in the morning – especially if you tend to struggle to fall asleep at night.

Meditation – a bit hippy, but if you’ve never tried it, you really should.
Stress is a biggy. Most of us race around all day and never really take any time for ourselves until we flop onto the sofa in the evening, already tired out. We’re more likely to do a workout than sit quietly and take some proper time for ourselves; so many people feel guilty about doing nothing, but it makes such a difference! You don’t have to sit in the traditional meditation position, cross legged with your finger tips touching saying ‘om’ continuously; have a try with one of the guided meditation apps like Headspace, or just sit and read a book. Less stress results in better blood sugars and reduced food cravings.

Processed Food
This is a bit of a cop out as its not exactly free, but cutting expensive processed food and cooking more yourself is a big money saver! Not to mention that real, natural food is better for you, and once you’ve got past the initial adjustment from processed to real food, you’ll find you get many less food cravings and feel more satisfied overall. If your body is full of everything it needs, you won’t feel that annoying constant hunger which you can’t quite satisfy.

The ultimate free – fasting!
Going for periods during the day when you’re not eating is the ultimate time-saving freebie! You do not need to eat every two hours, if you feel that you do, you are probably eating the wrong stuff. Three proper meals a day should be plenty; snacking every couple of hours is not that heathy, it should be unnecessary, and is definitely expensive!

Fasting could be simply eating breakfast only when you get hungry, having lunch when you get hungry, and eating dinner as early as possible, so you get at least 12 hours without food overnight. Or it could be more planned, perhaps skipping breakfast and going all the way to lunch might work for you; or (and this is probably a better idea, although more difficult for most people) it could be eating your calories at breakfast and lunch, then skipping dinner all together.

There are loads of factors involved in improving your health and it can be difficult to know where you should be putting your attention. I can help you work out what you’d benefit from most. Although not free; the wonderful thing about personal training is that I can show you the direct route to the right changes for you. If you’d like some help to get yourself on the right path, get in touch.

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