The Better Way To Work Your Stomach Muscles


They say that a flat stomach is made in the kitchen, and that is definitely the first place to look, but, the way you exercise has a big impact too.

Think about how your workout is structured for your legs and your arms.

How many exercises do you do for your legs or arms? Quite a lot, I’d guess – you’re probably doing at least three sets of at least two exercises for your arms and for your legs.

What do you go when your arm and leg exercises get too easy? Most likely, you make them harder in some way – maybe you add extra resistance, or just do more of each exercise?

If we think about how your workout is structured for your stomach muscles, is it different?

Most people will do a few quick sit ups or hold a plank for a few seconds right at the end of their workout; and they’ll generally not change this routine for years.

If we start to treat your stomach muscles the same as your arms and legs when you do a workout, I think you’ll start to see your stomach muscles change in the way you want.

Your stomach muscles have quite a few different actions – they resist movement and hold us upright, they extend with us and support us as we move, they help us bend in all different directions, they help us twist, and they resist twisting too.

So not only do we want to make sure to work each of these actions, but we also want to make sure to progress the exercises we do for each action so they don’t become so easy that they stop having an impact.

Give it a try, I’d love to hear how you get on – and if you need some help choosing the right exercises to get the results you want to see, send me a message and we’ll get you heading in the right direction.

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