Just Keep Turning Up


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For some reason, exercise seems to be put into a different category than many other things in life and we expect every workout to be a good one. We think that if we are working out regularly, we should be better every time. And if we are not better then often we decide that it is ‘obviously not working’ and that we should just quit.

But the truth we have to accept is that some days (or even weeks) you’re not going to be at your best, and sometimes it will feel like two steps forward, one step back. But, what matters most is that you stick with it!

Showing up consistently even when times are tough and you feel like the whole thing is pointless – and you WILL get fitter, stronger, better – or whatever measure of success you want to use.

Instead of judging your progress workout by workout, look at what has happened over the space of a month. Notice how your squat technique has improved, maybe you can do more reps of an exercise, or you can use a heavier weight. You could also monitor progress by gauging how stiff you feel when you get up in the morning, or whether any niggling aches and pains are reducing.

The line is rarely straight, but by being consistent, you will get there.

Getting fit is not a quick fix. Progress requires work and commitment AND consistency. If you’ve got these, and a good program with structure rather than a series of beatings with no particular plan, you will find that you come a long way pretty quickly.

So, brush off the bad workout, and turn up again tomorrow.

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