Getting Back Into Exercise After A Break


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Huge numbers of people have flooded back to gyms this week. This re-opening of gyms seems to have initiated a ‘fresh start’ type feeling which has followed on to those who don’t fancy the gym for whatever reason and have made a start at a new at-home workout program.

It is not at all essential to exercise in a gym if you want to lose weight and make changes to your health and fitness. I’ve been proving this for fourteen years with countless clients making massive changes to their lives and bodies without ever stepping foot inside a gym. Take a look at the photos on my website, and read through some of the many testimonials.

There are, of course, a lot of similarities in the way you should approach a new workout whether you’re exercising in the gym or at home, so here are my top tips for getting into exercise more easily:

– Dedicate a bigger percentage of your workout time to mobilising your joints and generally warming up. This will give your muscles and joints time to get used to the idea of exercise. Don’t find yourself injured straight away!

– Go easy! Start with less volume and/or less resistance than you think you can handle, and make sure to execute the exercises perfectly. You can always build on it next time. For most people going back after a break, two or three sets on each muscle group in each of two or three workouts across the week will work best. Just because you can do more, doesn’t mean you should.

Don’t push the hardest you can push. One of the benefits to being new to exercise (or going back after a long break) is that you won’t need as much stimulus in order to achieve changes.

– Leave yourself looking forward to, and in full working order for, your next workout. Think beyond this one workout.

I’d be delighted to help you work out how to make a start with exercise, or get back into exercise after a break. Get in touch!

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