Choosing A Good Workout


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When you’re thinking about starting a new workout routine, our first thoughts tend to be to simply move more. Which is super, and the absolute best first step you can take.

Often, we want to add in a specific workout too and, while the array of workouts available is vastly improved these days, there are plenty of fad type workouts which promise to help you lose weight and tone your *insert bodypart* by doing various strange looking, single-muscle focussed, exercises for high reps.

So, how do we choose a good workout?

While there are plenty of uses for higher rep exercises, for most people, sticking in the 6-12 rep range (and adding sufficient tension, in the form of weights or bands etc, to make that challenging) is going to serve them best.

Aiming to improve how well your body can move is also key. Using a workout to improve and strengthen your posture is generally effective at fixing any aches and pains as well as reducing the risk of injury.

Most injuries happen during some sort of direction change, and so it makes sense to teach your body to be strong in all directions. Up and down, forwards and backwards, left and right, and diagonally too.

Learning how to move your body as a whole unit rather than as seperate parts is also a great idea. For example, rather than doing tonnes of triceps extensions to tone the backs of your arms, try doing some sort of press up variation. Working your body as a whole pays off in many different directions.

Start where you are, and use exercise to improve. Exercise with the aim of improving your strength and performance, you’ll be fitter, stronger and more resilient for it.

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