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How Much Should I Eat?


I’ve recorded this email as a video as well. You can find it on Facebook or Instagram.

Much is made (by me!) of the need to make sure you’re eating sufficient protein. And that is massively important, and perhaps even more so when you’re aiming to lose weight.

But, the question that follows is: how much of everything else should I eat?

Well, the first part of the answer to that question is: if you focus purely on eating until you are satisfied rather than stuffed, and only eat nutrient rich ‘real food’ when you are hungry […]

My Advice On Relaxing The Rules


In the email I sent at the beginning of February, I promised a follow up to my message about what to do if you’re eating very little but not losing weight.

And then, well, I forgot. Until I was politely reminded!

So, a little later than intended, here are some thoughts on relaxing the rules.

I’ve also removed myself from my comfort zone and recorded this as a video as well. You can find it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

We discussed overall calorie balance in my last message, and how eating at a deficit during the week […]