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The Dreaded Evening Munchies


Oh the evening munchies.

Are they de-railing your otherwise pretty good diet and slowing, or even stopping, your quest for weight loss?

If so, it’s not just you!

But, how is it even possible to be so ravenously hungry an hour after dinner, when during the day you have no issue going between meals?

Is it just that being busy and distracted means you don’t notice you’re hungry?

I thought this an appropriate time to write about this – Easter usually provides an unwelcomely welcome influx of chocolate into the house, which usually beckons us around 8pm […]

What If Meal Timing Was The Solution To Weight Loss?


Isn’t it fascinating that our bodies stick to a pretty similar rhythm every day?

The same part of our body repairs itself at the same time every day. Our bodies are in a constant cycle of repair.

Its called circadian rhythm.

It dictates when we’ll feel tired at night and what time we’ll wake up in the morning.

What if tweaking your diet and lifestyle in line with your circadian rhythm, you could make it easier to stay in shape? What if without changing the types of food you’re eating, just the times you eat them […]

The 400-600-600 Calorie Plan


Einstein said: ‘Things should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler’

The health and nutrition community has got itself all very excited this week.

The announcement of the new 400-600-600 calorie advice plan has ruffled a few feathers.

Personally, I’m actually not particularly anti this new idea.

As a country, we need to lose weight. 2000-2500 calories a day for the average person who gets up, walks to the car, drives to work, sits at their desk all day, drives home, sits on the sofa then goes to bed is too much food. Even […]

How I Review A Client’s Food Diary


This week, I received a food diary from Camilla who was keen to take me up on my offer of a food diary review via the newsletter.

I’d like to do another one or two of these, so please do ask me if you would like yours to be reviewed.

This is what Camilla ate over two days:

Day One
Breakfast: porridge made with milk and water, topped with a little honey
Lunch: half carton of pre-prepared chicken and sweetcorn soup, and a small mango
Dinner: homemade chilli with rice and peas
Snack: 7pm corn cake with goats […]

How To Optimise Your Immune System


With so many bugs around at the minute, I thought it a good moment to give you some pointers on boosting your immune system.

The two biggest tips I can give you for boosting your immune system are relating to gut health and stress.

Over 70% of your immune system is located in your gut, which is where our first two tips lie. If you’re eating stuff which either doesn’t agree with you or which takes a lot of effort for your body to deal with (this means too frequent naughty treats!), then your immune system […]

How You Can Improve Your Health, For Free


So much about getting healthy seems to be expensive, but actually, there are loads of things you can do which will improve your health hugely which don’t cost a penny.

Changes to our lifestyle and environment are often overlooked, but are actually some of the most powerful things we can do to improve our health and energy levels.

The first free thing has to be sleep.
If you sleep well, you wake up feeling good. If nothing else, you’ll find it easier to make good food choices. People who don’t sleep well tend to eat […]