Feedback from some of our customers

Below are some testimonials from current and former clients, describing their experiences with Fitbiz. Please feel free to send us your testimonial too – we’d love to hear from you!


  • Three years ago, I had a heart transplant. For the 20 years prior to that, I had been banned from any strenuous physical activity or sport so I had lots of catching up to do. I worked my way back to fitness through swimming, pilates, Nordic walking and playing badminton but I realised that I was not going to the next level either in terms of strength or stamina.

    I began to work with Heather in June 2009 and within a few short weeks, saw that my muscle tone was improving massively and my strength and stamina were getting better and better by the day.

    Heather makes me work hard and pushes me beyond what I think I can do, in order that I can safely build muscle and strength. The glorious side effect of all this has been that my body is getting more toned and my clothes look better on me every day. I have not lost weight at all (I didn't need to) or dieted, it is the effect of the weekly workous.

    Heather is a great trainer: she is strict and demanding (she won't let you fake it!), she gets results and is a good motivator. She can even make me exercise when I don't feel like it! I cannot recommend Heather highly enough.

    I have also had her assess my body type through Bio-Typing and recommend to me what I should be eating to get maximum energy. I didn't realise that my body runs off protein and how little my diet previously contained. Now that I'm putting in more protein I am really feeling the benefits of a general feeling of wellbeing and increased energy levels.

    You owe it to yourself to get some Fitbiz training - I have never been so healthy!



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