Feedback from some of our customers

Below are some testimonials from current and former clients, describing their experiences with Fitbiz. Please feel free to send us your testimonial too – we’d love to hear from you!


  • Having been a sceptic and by no means a gazelle at best (48 yo, beer belly, unfit) I contacted Heather to she if she could assist me. How wrong was I. She is great. Listens, cares and supports me all the way. She is interested in progress and will talk about elements of my exercise regime if it doesn’t quite suit. A very affordable, fun personal trainer of which is already creating results after two months.
    This sceptic will fully endorse heather and her abilities.

    James, Online Coaching Client
    James, Online Coaching Client

  • I am Jane, a rapidly approaching 50 semi-fit woman.  My biggest concern pre meeting Heather was I had got stuck in a rut with exercise and diet.  I found out about Heather and Fitbiz from reading an article in the Farnham Herald as we were in the first lockdown last year.  I liked the sound of Heather’s approach to both keeping fit through exercise and finding the best balance of nutrition.  As it was lockdown, Heather and I were unable to meet in person; however she was so approachable over zoom for both talking through nutrition and running through exercise plans.

    Heather quickly realised that I was not eating enough protein for the exercise I was doing.  Following Heather’s advice I altered my diet to eating 90g+ protein a day and this quickly led to me having more energy and sleeping better.  To my surprise and with Heather’s support I found it easy to incorporate the protein into my diet and 18 months on, I am still following her advice and feeling so much better and healthier for it.

    For the exercise element, Heather listened to what I liked when exercising, came up with tailored plans, we then did the plans together over zoom.  It was very natural and also funny at moments moving the laptop so Heather could see what I was doing and vice versa.  Heather also sent me the plans to keep and print out and also, the best part, is she sent me videos to remind me how to do the exercises.  This was invaluable, as even though we ran through the exercises on zoom together and it was written down, sometimes you just forget how to do an exercise properly.  Heather regularly checked in to see how I was getting on.

    Once things open up after lockdowns I started various boot camps in my local park.  From the workouts and nutrition plans that Heather had provided, I was much fitter and could fully enjoy these.

    Unfortunately I injured my back running and Heather was invaluable talking through my injury, recommending stretches to fire my muscles and get them ready for exercise and get me back to the running.  She also really understood that I am prone to overworking and don’t stop pushing myself every session, leading to fatigue and injury.

    She came up with an easy to follow plan to train mindfully and recognise that some sessions I can hold back, aiding recovery and other sessions I can push further towards the 100%.

    With Heather’s continued help, I feel ready to turn 50 next year, fitter and healthier than I have ever been and to keep this healthy lifestyle going.


    Jane, Online Coaching Client
    Jane, Online Coaching Client

  • Heather’s approach is incredibly supportive. A gentle approach which allows you to make
    small changes and see effects. It’s not just based on weight loss but overall lifestyle and
    fitness. Changes that should last forever.

    Gemma, Online Coaching Client
    Gemma, Online Coaching Client

  • Heather is fantastic, great fun and approachable.  She gets right to the problem giving easy to follow plans for exercise and diet.  I have lost weight, toned up, feel less tired with more energy and strength.  Recommend her very highly.

    Jane, Online Coaching Client
    Jane, Online Coaching Client

  • Working with Heather is one of the best decisions I’ve made!
    My goals were improving my whole body strength and making sure my posture was good. I’m in my 40s, so I’d heard that muscle tone and strength starts to decrease and I want to stay as strong and mobile as I can for as long as I can.
    Weight loss wasn’t a priority for me, but it happened anyway – in a healthy way.
    The thing I like most about Heather is she manages to be realistic and optimistic at the same time.
    She’s an incredibly positive person without being overbearing and she’s working from a deep knowledge and understanding that she can deploy very effectively.
    She understands the demands of family life and work life and was able to create and adapt programs of diet, nutrition and exercise to my varying work hours, when I had to work away from home and when I had a surgical procedure and needed to build up afterwards.
    She also is a mine of knowledge about sleep, food and body health- and her knowledge is factually based on current studies (very glad she’s reading them so I don’t have to!)
    I can’t recommend Heather more highly. I have got the physical results I wanted by following her programs with the added bonus of body confidence, healthy eating habits for life and general well being.

    Priyanga, Witley
    Priyanga, Witley

  • I have pre diabetes, high cholesterol and low thyroid function. Although not significantly overweight I was noticing that the pounds were creeping on and whatever diet I tried seemed to make very little difference. in spite of being very active, playing gold and tennis as well as working out at the gym, I was aware of more aches and pains too and was concerned about my general level of fitness as I moved towards my late 60s. I searched the internet for local personal trainers experienced in nutrition and phoned Heather!

    Heathers motivation and individual attention has been so beneficial for me. We have worked together for some 18 months now. We continually look at my diet and how my blood sugars react to the various food types. The exercises she takes me through are tailor made for me, building up the different sets of muscles and concentrating on specific problems. I have 2 homework sessions to do each week which are manageable. My fitness levels have improved dramatically, my body shape has changed due to the exercise regime, my blood sugar levels have lowered and I have reduced my dose of statins. My sleeping pattern has improved too.

    Heather keeps in touch with me between sessions and is very helpful about how to cope on holiday and with eating out. We have a busy social life and one of the hardest things I find is managing cooking for friends and family and sitting around in the evenings nibbling on all the goodies! I am making better choices now and am more able to pass on the high sugar foods. When I go off track it is easier to get back on the straight and narrow again! Certainly Heather’s positive approach, individual attention, knowledge and enthusiasm has helped me to make significant changes and I am enjoying greater energy levels to cope with my busy lifestyle! Thank you Heather!

    Tessa, Haslemere
    Tessa, Haslemere

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