28 day challenge

Drop a dress size in 28 days or double your money back!

28 day challengeThe ONLY Fat Loss Specialists in Haslemere who canĀ GUARANTEE You’ll Drop a Clothes Size in 28 Days, or Give You DOUBLE Your Money Back!

It’s time to finally discover how to get results which will turn heads! Join us on a 28 day adventure to your new body. We will show you everything you need to do, break it up into manageable chunks, and give you all the support you need to get those fantastic results you’ve been dreaming of!

Your experience will be totally tailor made from start to finish to ensure it is right for you for your whole journey. This is a complete coaching service above and beyond what you would receive with any other Personal Trainer.

The program includes a strict nutrition plan for the 28 days. The nutrition plan is completely safe, sensible and do-able – it just requires a little planning, and NO starvation!

You’ll work with Heather on a one-to-one basis twice a week, and also do a couple of short exercise sessions on your own between sessions.

This program will cleanse your body and dramatically increase your overall health. You almost certainly won’t want to add any rubbishy foods back into your diet when you’re finished, and you’ll feel so good exercising that you won’t want to stop that either. At the end of the programme, a Bio-Typing assessment is also provided, to allow you to keep eating right for you.

Furthermore, if, despite following all the advice you’ve been given, you fail to drop a clothes size, we guarantee to refund DOUBLE your investment

In order to get the best out of this program, you need to be ready to make what might be some big changes to your diet, lifestyle and exercise habits. If you’re not sure about that, perhaps 1-2-1 might be a better option for you. We’ll get you to the same destination, but we’ll take things more flexibly and steadily.